How my work came to be in SUPASTORE


It was a lesson in just being brave and handing him out to people, so when artist Simon Bill came to UCA Farnham to talk to the MA and BA students about his work I was fortunate enough to have a tutorial with him where I gave him a #DicktatorDon. The next day I received an email from Sarah Staton, a senior lecturer at the Royal College of Art who was looking for work to go into her SupaStore- Human We Are the Product, a pop-up gallery in Denver, Colorado, USA.   Simon Bill had shown her #DicktatorDon and she thought it would be a good fit for so she contacted me via email to see if I would be willing to send the gallery three #DicktatorDon’s for inclusion into her latest Supastore.

A quote taken from her website: 
“Sarah Staton’s SupaStore is an art-translation-of-fashion pop-up store. Begun in 1993 on Charing Cross Road, London the SupaStore has popped up subsequently in galleries, museums, hotel foyers, from New York to Tokyo. Light gestures and works by artists, made specifically for the “store” context, resemble and mimic what fashion does & through SupaStore we explore how fashion and shopping circulates.”