Artist Statement
Conceptual artist Dd ( Deborah Davies) uses a combination of humour, technology and a playfulness with scale to comment on contemporary social issues such as the rise in gun and knife crime, hidden agendas, the ever-expanding Twittersphere and xenophobia.

When Things Come Apart, for instance, is a 8.4 meter tall, handmade wooden replica of the Statue of Liberty that has been specifically designed to be deconstructed so that its elements can be reconfigured as a wall, a physical barrier to would-be immigrants, thus alluding to an erosion of liberty in the Land of the Free. This work was most recently displayed as part of the MA and Other Postgraduates 2019, exhibition at Millfield School, Glastonbury.

While co-running the University of London's Centre for Creative Collaboration, Dd forged strong working relationships with a number of key software and hardware engineers with whom she now collaborates on her interactive sculptures. One such interactive sculpture Pipes, was displayed at the Porsche Design Agency in Berlin in 2018, a work that demonstrates the use of disruptive technology connecting devices to devices as opposed to having to connect through The Cloud. Another work of Dd’s, Ferry Lights, saw her collaborate with IBM’s CTO UK and Northern Ireland, Andy Stanford Clark. Ferry Lights is currently on display at IBM Hursley at their research and development laboratory belonging to International Business Machines in Hampshire, UK.

Dd's critique of social media platforms is manifested in her pieces Old Glory and A New Order which form a diptych of the Union Jack and American Stars and Stripes flags made using a textiles burnout technique called devoré. Both flags run a sentiment algorithm that responds directly and in real time to comments posted on Twitter about alleged Russian involvement in US elections and in the UK Brexit campaign.

Dd’s work has been widely shown in galleries and exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the USA and published in books. She is based in Hampshire, UK and can be contacted here.