Dd – (Deborah Davies) CV

FerryLights           Interactive sculpture for  Island Heroes. Quay Arts                                       2018
Sternenklar           BetaHaus, Berlin, Germany                                                                             2016
Pipes                      Private commission                                                                                          2016

Invited solo shows:
Pipes - Porsche Design Centre, Berlin, Germany   (Upcoming Jan/Feb )                               2018
FerryLights - IBM Research & Development Lab, Hursley, UK (Upcoming)                            2018

Group shows
FerryLights - Quay Arts  Island Heroes, Isle of Wight, UK                                                           2018
#DicktatorDon and Ammunition Granular  - Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK                      2018
BadNews  -  (joint artist Hilary Champion)  Newspeak House, London. UK                             2017

Invited group shows
#DicktatorDon - SupaStore – Human we are the product - Curated by Sarah Staton              2017 - 2018
              Dikeou Collection Gallery, Colorado, USA 

#DicktatorDon - FiliArts-  London, UK                                                                                           2017
#DicktatorDon- Iris Turns Oxo Tower, London, UK                                                                   2017
StarWay - Playa
Sculpture Park, Reno, Nevada, USA                                                                  2016- 2017
Knife Nation - SPEKTRUM Berlin, Germany                                                                                   2015
Fuck LovePlatoon Kunsthalle - Berlin,  Germany.                                                                       2015
Starway - Burning Man, Nevada, USA                                                                                             2014, 2016  
Luma Module- Burning Man, Nevada, USA                                                                                    2013
E-Skirt - London Design Festival, C4CC, London, UK.                                                                  2012
Bacon Sandwich – Film for British Council (solo) – ICA, London, UK                                          2010
Squatters in Berlin - Phiz 93, J Kobal Awards: Zelda Cheatle Gallery,  London, UK                  1993
Photography Degree Show, Mall Galleries London,  UK.                                                               1993

Invited solo shows
Pictures of Nova Tag - Midlands Art Centre (solo) 1992

Designing with Smart Textiles: Sarah Kettley                                                                                2016
Wearable technology project

Art & Life. A House in Berlin-Mitte since 1990                                                                                     2016
Photographic work selected: Pages: 72, 76, 77

Phiz 93 - Exhibition brochure, John Kobal Photographic Portrait Awards,                                 1993

“Pictures of Lindy”  –   Photographic work selected for BBC Documentary                               1992

Mutoid Waste Company Documentary- Elan Newspaper                                                            1992


“The Future of Interactive Art”: TECHnique Aug                                                                            2016
Google Campus, London

‘Dilemmas”       EMF Camp, Surrey, UK                                                                                           2015

“How to collaborate” +  panel discussion:   Camden Collective                                                   2014

 “Collaboration”   + workshop + panel discussion: New Art Exchange                                         2014           

“Women in Tech”    300 seconds, London                                                                                      2014

“E-Fibre- Future of Interactive Textiles” University of London                                                     2014    

 “Collaboration”   + workshop: C4CC,                                                                                                2010 - 2014

Panel Judge on Short+Sweet  Festival of Plays (Writers and Directors). Bangalore, India        2011           

Thomas Award: West Surrey Collage of Art and Design                                                                1992
Highest awarded marks end of Year Two

Shortlisted for IBM Women in Tech:                                                                                                   2013

Manufacturing Advisory Service:   £6000 Award for wearable art projects                                   2011

Artist In Residence, Artech, Reno, USA (six weeks)                                                                          2016     
Artist In Residence, C4CC, University of London, London, UK                                                        2010 – 2012

MA Fine Art                                                                                                                                            2018 (due to graduate August)
BA 2:1  in Photography West Surrey Collage of Art and Design (now UCA)                                 1993