Light it up


I really enjoyed going to see Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11, the highlight being The Twin Towers (2011)  by Chilean artist Iván Navarro’s. It has never been shown in the UK before and is truly stunning if you only go to see that one piece it would be worth the entry free and time spent in the museum.  I have seen infinity mirrors before, I have even made one, (ok two) in fact I made one very recently called Ferry Lights, a commission for Quay Arts celebrating the technology of Andy Stanford-Clarke.

I wonder sometimes about art works that incorporate lights, as many of my pieces do, I joked this week when some one came up to me and told me that Territory had been getting a lot of attention from people walking down the corridor, that is the Linear Gallery,  at UCA. My reply was "of course  it gets a lot of attention,  it lights up". Perhaps a little self-deprecating I know. I actually think the piece Territory is great, in fact, I would go as far to say that it has sparked a lot of ideas in me and others. It was make very quickly and I was under pressure at the time and so for me that was a great way of working, as much of my work is very laboured and thought out beforehand, all the working out going on in my head before I even think about picking up some material.  Document, document, document the the creative process but it happens so quikcly in my head that I am five iterations on before I remember to write something down at least. Even if the art is bad, not too well thought out, terrible in fact - light anything up and for some reason it becomes passable. People may not like it but they won't hate it.