Book recommendation: No Is Not Enough



I am reading Naomi Klein's latest book: No is Not Enough. The Guardian review is worth taking a look at. I am often asked why I make art that has an American focus when there are so many issues in the UK I could look at. There is both a general answer to this and a more personal one. I am not willing to go into the personal right now but if you want to know why American politics affects the rest of the world then reading this book is a great read. Many of the issues facing the USA are faced by us in the UK and with Brexit  the UK’s ties to the USA could be even greater if we are to pursue trade deals with them. The UK is linked to the USA in so many ways and that is why it holds such a fascination for me. Trump’s visit to the UK has been put on hold and the Women’s march linked us further secured the notion that their fight is our fight too.

“ ...the US presidency impacts everyone on earth. No one is fully protected from the actions of the world’s largest economy, the planets second largest emitter of greenhouse gases and the nation with the world’s largest military arsenal”