When Things Come Apart

Project: Statue of Wall

Medium: 2"x2" treated timber

Size: 7 meters by 4 meters

(c) Emma Wood

(c) Emma Wood

When Things Come Apart is an exploration of the meaning of Liberty. Both from the prisoner working on their matchstick model striving to find freedom through the painstaking expression of their dreams and imagination to the full size version that is being disassembled as those that are notionally free destroy their own freedoms.

"Bring me your huddled masses" is the meaning we most associate with the Statue of Liberty, in fact her full name is "The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World". This work questions the accepted meaning in the 21st century. Have those that idolise it in fact abandoned it's essential truth. Is it only the prisoner that can see message the matchsticks provide?

When Things Come Apart is a scaled up version of a model matchstick kit. Matchstick model making has its roots in prison arts, especially with naval prisoners-of-war in the 18th Century but still popular as an art medium in prisons today. Instead of using matchsticks, this sculpture is built from 2"x2" treated timber resulting in a 1:18 scale model.

When Things Come Apart now installed in the Central Quad at UCA Farnham, and is part of the MA Degree show from 28th August - 1st September inclusive.