Trying new exhibtion layouts of work


I have been looking into alternative ways to show Trump and it was suggested to me by my MA in Fine Art tutors that I show the making of him. I turned up to a crit having failed to make all 280 of him with him in zip lock see though bags. Each bad denoted how far he had gone in the process of being made. He has half dressed in some and missing eyebrows in the next. He looked ridiculous. He looked like some bit a merchandising, the whole set up demeaned him in some way. It was suggested to me that I exhibit him like that. So I did.  I must say I was deeply upset thought because people were stealing him from the table, not appreciative of the fact he was part of an art installation and not some free hand out gift from the convention. There were too few invilgilators too which did not help with security issues. I even had one woman (I was told this) sit and make eighteen of him at my workstation thinking she was helping. She did indeed make them very well, they are quite fiddly to make, but she did indeed make them incorrectly. 

I will know for next time but I did enjoy exhibiting him in this way.


#DicktatorDon at FiLiArts 2017