Thought piece: Affiliate Exhibition

Ascent of Man

I exhibited two pieces of my work at Affiliate, a group show of MA students studying Fine Art at UCA, Farnham in Hampshire. It was a four day exhibition with many of us only seeing the venue for the first time when we arrived on the Tuesday for set up. The venue hire is cheap for London and as exhibiting is vital for artists it was a great exericise in getting your work out there, getting over the fear of being seen, honing installation of work skills but more importantly learning about how your work sits in a 'gallery' setting.

The work is a line of eight small sculptures that grow in size resulting in a scupture that is recognizable as a gun. My laser cutting parts of guns and then building them up as they stretched across the wall I was emulating the Ascent of Man picture showing the evolution of man. The Ascent of Man has been a device used my many to depict the evolution of not just man but of working practices often to comic effect.

Ascent Of Man.jpg