Research: Project - Statue of Wall

The image of the Statue of Liberty by Gee Vaucher inspired me to think about what the Statue of Liberty stands for,  and how I might be able to make a political statement using the same imagery. Many artist have used her image to make political points, and so after some research this is what I understand about her.  There is even a foundation set up to help people understand what she represents and her history.

The National Parks has some more interesting information about her here.

With Trump and all his talk of erecting a wall I have decided I would like to



Simon Starling




The matchstick model is only a starting point, I have to construct something first in order to decide how I would like to deconstruct it. There had to be a better way of doing the files so I didn’t give up the will to live. Sticking one match together at a time that you also had to measure and cut at the same time was more than I could bear. So, I scanned the design file and then I worked on them in Adobe Illustrator and then lasercut them from 2.5mm MDF, I have every reason to believe it will work and sincerely hope it does.