Statue Down

WTCA- Headless

Today the dismantling of the statue took place and seeing the statue in parts is giving me ideas on how I might like to exhibit her going forward.  She was never intended to be displayed fully built but in various stages of assembly - or disassembly and so it is vital that I get opportunities like this to see what works. The materials though not too heavy as individual pieces get very weighty when pieces are joined together. The taking down of liberty signifies a collapse of ideas of liberty itself but not a collapse over time due to wear and tear - the notion of entropy; this is a willful act, a conscious dismantling. She is decapitated and yet still holding onto her flame - perhaps holding onto some semblance of hope.

IMG_1292 (1).JPG


With the offer of an exhibition at Northampton University in their new Waterside campus in 2019 it is days like this allow me to play with new ideas and practical ideas around how to physically assemble such a large sculpture. Large, ambitious pieces of art require large crews and lots of planning and time.