Talk: Invited to talk at TECHnique Create Hub, IBM, London.

A few weeks back now,  TECHnique Create Hub asked if I would give a talk at  IBM’s Head office, Southbank, London about ‘city data’ and how, as an artist, I have used data sets in my work and the importance of involving the public in my work in some way.   The talk was focused around an art piece commissioned by Quay Arts gallery on the Isle of Wight earlier this year but is now installed at IMB’s head office of the Southbank. London.  If you would like to know more about the piece itself then I wrote something about it here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.40.24.png

Before the talk I met with various members of IBM IX team and we chatted about how artists and the work they produce can often help explain concepts more easily than verbal or written communication can. Hopefully our informal chat will lead to further talks with them.  Andy Stanford Clark whom I collaborated with on the project also talked,  as too did artist Marcin Ignac.  Although the focus of his talk was on the work he did for TFL I was familiar with a work he produced called  Tatelets an artwork based on data-sets generated from Tate Modern’s collection project so  worth looking at if you want to see some great data visualization.  


Clockwise from top left: Samuel Fry, Marcin Ignac, Dd Davies, Andy Stanford-Clark

Clockwise from top left: Samuel Fry, Marcin Ignac, Dd Davies, Andy Stanford-Clark


Private view photos - "Bad News"



It was a great night, A huge thank you to Newspeak House for allowing us to have their amazing space as a venue and thank you to Eva Pascoe, at Cybersalon not only did they host a great speaker event afterwards which brought in a huge crowd for us,  but they also paid for all the wine which was a super lovely and much appreciated gesture.

Private view

Private view

Newspeak House

Newspeak House: What better place to exhibit the artwork Interference, a data visualization piece surrounding the ongoing investigation into the Russian hack.  Cited in an article by the Guardian, Newspeak House is home to "‘political technologists’ who are trying to fix broken parts of our electoral system".  

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Project: Faded Glory

I have been working on a new piece that is at the moment called FadedGlory. It is an American flag that has been distressed through a technique called Devoré which I have mentioned in an earlier post.

I have been looking for some way of representing the feeling that American has been damaged or lessened because of the interference of the Russians in the American Election process.

My initial experiments focused on how much I should devour the material and how to construct the image in such a way that the fabric still held together despite the removal of significant portions of it.

After several days of playing around with design files and leaving the chemicals on for various periods I came up with a balance that gave an ephemeral and almost ghostly feel to the fabric.

Now I just have to work out how I want to display it. Hanging? Framed? Stretched?