The work is progressing to make an interactive sculpture as part of Hidden Heroes on the Isle of Wight, an exhibition showing the hidden heroes on the Isle of Wight. I have been giving a lot of consideration to what it is I am going to make and why.

Aesthetic considerations
To know about the work Andy is famous for is shaping how this project is developing. On the island he is most renowned for his real-time mapping of the ferries as they cross the Solent. By intercepting the signal they give out (perfectly legal to do this by the way) and then mapping it geographically on a screen people see where the ferries are at any given time.  He is also interested in connected communities.

The aim of the sculpture is to replecate his ferry tracking in some kind of 3-D structure.  and I so I am playing around with the use of infinity mirrors at the moment. The look and feel of them with the reflective nature of the mirror will reflect the notion of water. The depth offered by the infinity mirror offers is also a comment on how technology has no end - that no one knows where it might end.

The photos show the prototype that I have made. I am trying to see if I can place leds behind cutouts in acrylic to show the progression of ferries as they travel across the Solent. Of course it is a colloboration and so I will not be doing the technical aspect of the sculpture, that is the job of Andy. The lights you see around the edge will be connected to CheerLights a way of connecting people across the world through  IOT. 

Workshop: Making a Mould for a gun

There are many way in which you can make a mould and the material you use depends on many things. Some moulds like silicone ones are durable and ideal for objects you want to cast over and over again, however silicone is relatively expensive in comparison another casting material - plaster of paris. I decided to make a two part mould from silicone for a variety of reasons. I wanted a mould that would last a long time, I intend to make a lot and because silicone is so flexible it is easier to work as it can flex round the object making it much easier to remove from the mould.

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