Advert: Group Exhibition: London 27th June 2018


My work will be in a group show alongside other MA students studying at UCA and offers a great opportunity for us to consolidate ideas and themes ready for our degree show in August 2018. Although I have already decided that When Things Come Apart will be in my final degree show I am excited that this exhibition gives me the opportunity to work on developing one of my other other projects. For a while now I have been working with the theme of gun violence and am concerned  and intrigued by the fetishization of guns. There are many youtube videos where you can make guns that fire rubber  bands and paper bullets that are made in the style of real guns, AK47's and Derrigers to name but two. 

WHAT KIND OF WORK WILL I SEE AT SAFEHOUSE?  The work is broad in its topic in a wide variety of mediums from film, sculpture, painting and photography, found objects and made objects. There is a even a performance piece from artist Chris Horner.

GETTING THERE: If you want to come, the nearest train station is Peckham with a 7 minute walk to venue. There good parking around that area too, you need to pay for it but for London there are a surprising number of spaces available. A great app that shows details of the show and other art show in London is ArtRabbit and is worth downloading and putting on your phone as not only does it give details of what is one where but it has a great built in map and shows you what else is on in the area. Details of our show on ArtRabbit are here.

Artists Websites:
Sara Jayne Harris
Nerys Joseph
Chris Horner
Bianca Hendicott
Kaiqi Guo