Yuri Patterson and data

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Yuri Pattersons experience of acquiring information the way he did (see quote below) was a daily occurrence for me. Of course the person holding such information is bound by the Data Protection law and should not have given it out, though I have every reason to believe the same is true in Russia it might not be. I was just struck by how easy it is to gain information that you are not entitled to. I then thought of all the information people unwittingly put out there that others play with. Insights into their lives that then gets turned back on them in targeted adverts and sales techniques including price hikes. I often wonder when I work with people's data, as is the case with theproject Faded Glory,  if people really know what results from the data they put out there. 

"I was interested that no one was talking about which hotel it was. Then, on a hotelier forum, which just seems to be concierges talking among themselves, I found this post. A few days after the article in the Guardian newspaper came out this guy was saying: “Oh I have a hunch which hotel it is, and I can probably figure out what room it is as well. I’ll confirm this.” He phoned up [the hotel] and pretended to be someone from the Guardian, and offered to extend Edward Snowden’s room. Through offering that he could then ask, “Oh, which room is it?” And they gave him the information freely. The weakest link in most hacking is the human element. I found it interesting that someone had, in that moment, kind of hacked Edward Snowden and it was just some concierge. " taken from The Arts Newspaper