What kind of flag to make

I want to make an American flag. I have already make a few, one in wood, one I embroidered, but I having seen the work being produced in the textiles department at UCA (I snuck in to have a look) I have decided I would like to see what results I can get from using a technique called Devoré

Devoré comes from the French verb dévorer, meaning literally to devour. I would like to see if thistechnique would work as this reflects my idea that theUSA and its constitution is being devoured by the new administration.

I have thought about making other flags in other way and have collected so have done some research into thosewho have reinterpreted thestars and stripes to voice some opinion they have.



Brian Kenny
Deconstructed Flag #1 (Fallen Stars), 2012

“Working with fabric for the first time, Kenny learned how to sew to construct a series of iconic objects – altered and reconfigured US flags, reflecting on what it means to be a disaffected gay American in the age of Occupy, the issues of social inequality and injustice. Devalued and depraved symbols, fallen or removed stars and stripes, the distortion and disfiguration evoke feelings of this discontent.” - from BK’s exhibition at Envoy Enterprises


Longo’s flag, at least to me references post-apocalyptic American. A slab of a flag fallen into the gallery space standing as both a symbol of nationalism and yet somehow as a protest. It is 17-foot high with black wax surfaced. The absence of colour making it more imposing rather than less.

For more inspiration refer to 20 Ways Artists Have Interpreted the American Flag