Research: Walls 30 in 30 Days

This is a piece of work exploring the myriad different kinds of walls that confront us every day.

I want to explore trying to create work in a faster and more fluid way without allowing to myself to slow down and to stop myself perfecting things. Think of this project as more like work in a sketch book rather than a finished piece of work.

Those of you that follow my insta will have seen each video appear every evening for thirty days.

The constraint that I placed on myself was to publish each days work before midnight on the day of creation on Instagram. And this proved a challenging task as each day I had to explore a new idea, create the film, edit and publish it while trying to get a mass of other things done at the same time.

At the end of the 30 days I created a single edited film of all 30 films. If you want to see the individual films goes to my Instagram account.