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Me talking at Create Hub
Artists have more choices to make than ever before.
The obstacles that prevented artists from working with digital technologies in the past are disappearing and the quality of digital output is constantly improving. So, why do some artists stick with traditional techniques, while others turn to digital options? How have artists changed their methods over the last 5, 10 and 20 years?

At TECHnique artists will tell their stories, explain their choices and the lessons that they have learned. Together they will explore the impact that technology is having on the arts.
— http://technique.create-hub.com/#tickets
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You can hear what I spoke about on the Podcast: No 2 Interactive Plays.

I have also spoken the following events.




Making Connection is the first workshop of three that comprise an AHRC funded research network ‘From Invention to Consumption: electronic textiles’ that took place on May 19th 2014 in London at the Centre for Creative Collaborations.

It built on the findings of CAST – (Creative and Social Technologies) that explored how wearable computing is changing how we understand ourselves and others and featured presentations from prominent practitioners and technologists including Rain Ashford, Bushra Kelsey Burge, Debbie Davies, Tilak Dias, Clive van Heerden and Tim Stonor.

‘Making Relationships’ will bring together individuals from universities, large corporates, SMEs, freelance designers in a focused discussion on e-textiles innovation through presentations and engagement with prototypes and innovative products. This matches the aims of C4CC, which operates on the principle that real innovation happens at the edge and in the gaps between disciplines and supports new types of collaboration using the principles of open innovation


EMF Camp 2016  - Science Showoff

Invited speaker at a show called Geek Showoff of which I was invited to speak about the precursor to DicktatorDon and interactive doll called "Stabby Man".



My work around interactive technology and art is detailed as case study in the book by Sarah Kettley entitled Designing with Smart Materials.