Competition Entered - Eikon Photographic Award

Eikon Magazine is a quality international quarterly exploring photography and media art. Ever since its founding in 1991, the journal has featured well-researched articles as well as extensive illustrations in each issue.

I entered the above award with the images I took when I was on the Workshops: Colour Photography and Black and white photography.

It was suggested to me that I look to see who the judges are and what their work is like. This proved to be a very good exercise for me. 

Wikipedia: Jürgen Klauke

Quote below taken from Artsy.
"Since the 1960s, Jürgen Klauke has been using photography and performance to explore identity and gender norms. Orchestrating photographs in which he appears androgynous or otherwise disguised or degraded, Klauke seeks to deconstruct the persona of the male artist."

Wikipedia: Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir

Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir (born 23 September 1959[3] in Reykjavík) is an Icelander art curator.[4] She specializes in contemporary art, photography, history of photography[5][6][7] and fashion.[8] She is associate professor of art history and art theory at the University of Iceland. Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir works as professor of Art history, Art Theory, and Curatorial Studies at the University of Iceland.[9]
She has written extensively on modern and contemporary art, photography, history of photography, and fashion, and has been the curator for several exhibitions related to Icelandic art in various European countries.[10]
She is chairman of the Art Museum of the University of Iceland.

Marielis Seyler (quote taken from her website)

In this new body of black and white photography, Seyler explores the interaction between human form and Mother Nature, just as she did in her 2001 photo installations (grass + dreams)². In (grass + dreams)², Seyler played with the connection between animate grass and human beings by combining the two in performance and photographs. In Stillness, she emphasizes the distinction between people and nature by placing a white figure or white cloth within the black volcanic landscape of Iceland.

Further information about Marielis work can be found here.

Nela Eggenberger (Editor in Chief at Eikon)  Quote below taken from Fotofest 2014

Ms. Eggenberger is most interested in conceptual and personal bodies of work and appreciates a good sense for compositions and craftsmanship. As EIKON's focus lies on up-and-coming art photographers should ideally not be much older than 35 years and should primarily present their latest projects. The works should be presented as printed photographs or, if existing, monographs; if possible screen-based presentations should only be used for works still in progress. Ms. Eggenberger is not interested in seeing commercial, fashion or documentary photography. She can offer young exceptional artists the opportunity to publish their work in EIKON or recommend them as an artist-in-residence for quartier21.