Drawing on her work as an undercover reporter, Dd (Deborah Davies) uncovers truths and hidden agendas relating to social issues such as guns, power imbalance and immigration. She often works with software and hardware technologists to generate interactive social situations, frequently collaborating with designers she worked with during her time co-running University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration. Many of Dd’s works, such as #DicktatorDon - an interactive Donald Trump voodoo doll, uses humour to antagonize and ask difficult political questions. This year has seen her working on an interactive sculpture with the UK's CTO at IBM to create a twitter-enabled sculpture called Ferry Lights, which tracks ferries around the Isle of White in real time. It was first exhibited in the IoW art space Quay Arts and is now on display in the Client Centre of IBM Head Office, Southbank, London. Another interactive sculpture is currently on display at Porsche Design Agency in Berlin, utilizing a disruptive technology to force people away from The Cloud. She has received numerous commissions and has exhibited internationally in galleries and specific sites including Burning Man Festival and Reno Sculpture Park (USA), and Newspeak House (London), Lewisham Art House (London) Safehouse 2, London.